Doorbell will not video people as they walk to the door

I have had this issue for a while. I can walk to the door put something in the mailbox next to the door and it will not capture that I was even there. I have reset the system, checked wifi, went through setting to make sure it was set up correctly, and went through this forum form others questions to get help . I don’t know what else to do. The doorbell is useless if it doesn’t tell me who is at my door. I had a neighbor ring the doorbell the other day and when I looked to see who was there it showed no one??? She was standing right in front of the door.

Hi @tlirette. Thank you for detailing what steps you’ve taken as well as for attaching a screenshot of your Doorbell’s view. Based on the Live View screenshot, it looks like the brick wall on the left is taking up about half of your Doorbell’s view. This is going to impact the Doorbell’s ability to accurately detect motion and can cause the concerns you’re experiencing. I’d suggest looking into utilizing a Corner Kit for your Doorbell, which will allow you to angle its view away from the brick wall and more towards your walkway. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@caitlyn_ring I already have the corner kit and have had it intalled before and the didn’t change much. It went more out into the grass on the right side and would still miss people walking up.

@tlirette Thanks for letting me know! Based on the screenshot you previously sent, the Doorbell is not going to be able to accurately detect motion as the brick wall is taking up a large portion of its view. With how the motion detection works in Ring devices, this is going to impact the Doorbell’s ability to detect visitors walking up to your door. I would recommend utilizing the Corner Kit to try and adjust the Doorbell’s view so the brick wall is taking up less of its view.