Doorbell will not reconnect to wifi again

Doorbell has lost wifi connection again. Have gone thru set up repeatedly and it will not reconnect. Battery is fully charged and the unit is sitting right next to the wifi router. Last time I had this issue it was something on Ring’s end and just started working again on its own after several days. Is this another Ring issue?

You can check the status of Ring’s services by going here. Status

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This happens every time that Ring updates the app by the way.

I’ve never had it happen.

I contacted the help desk and they got me to turn off Bluetooth and then hold the Orange button in for 20 seconds then do a normal setup. It worked 1st time.

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Update: I did nothing. Left it sitting in the living room since it stopped working and I posted here. Did no further attempts to reinstall or reconnect it to the wifi. Tonight it reconnected itself to the wifi and started working. Will see what happens next time they roll out an app update.