Doorbell will not connect to Wi-Fi

Disconnected after 48 hours. Will not reconnect to wi-fi at all. Re-started router many times, tested speed. Just goes through the motions then flashes white on left hand side, try again as instructed and same happens. Anyone experienced this and managed to sort it? Everything else in the house that is connected to wi-fi is perfectly OK

I think their network is currently down. I’ve tried and failed to report this. Look on Down Detector and Is It Down - they’re reporting issues but Ring website are reporting no issues - probably because after 30minutes trying to report this to someone at Ring by phone who put me on hold to speak to another department I gave up. The first person said they can’t report my issue for me and I had to hold until the relevant department was available but they had long queues (unsurprisingly)

Hi Neighbors. If you are located in the UK, there was an outage with BT internet services that disrupted Ring devices. This issue has since been resolved by BT and your device should be functioning now. Let me know if this is the case.