Doorbell will be mounted lower than recommended

In order to replace my existing doorbell with a Ring, it will have to be mounted lower than the recommended 48 inches. The camera will be approximately 39 inches abve the ground. Should I mount it flat or attempt to mount it angled up? If the latter, what would be the recommended angle I should shoot for? Thanks!

Hey @wxmanrocks, we’re happy to offer some guidance here. Which Ring Doorbell were you looking to replace your existing doorbell with? We do recommend a mounting height of 48 inches as mounting it too low or too high can impact the motion detection. Also, do you have stairs leading up to your front porch, and does your door face a busy street? These are other factors that can affect the angle at which we may want the Doorbell installed.


Thank you for the reply. The door is 50-60ft from a street that gets some traffic, but not busy by any stretch of the imagination. There is one step up to a small 8’ x6’ porch in front of the door, but that step is 8 ft away from the front door. Not really sure what Ring I would get. I’m one to usually get the latest model, but am open to whatever model works best for my situation.


@wxmanrocks Thanks for sharing that additional information. I’d recommend taking a look at our Doorbell Buyer’s Guide here, as it will list all of the specifications of our Doorbells and help you decide which one may be the best fit. Overall, you may have some motion detection concerns if it is mounted too low but if you get one of the battery-operated models, you can mount it higher than your existing doorbell circuit. This may be the better option in your situation, and the Buyer’s Guide will let you know which models run off of battery power.


Unfortuately mounting it higher is a non-starter-I have vinyl siding and my replacement doorbell needs to cover the hole that is there. Not looking good. Sigh.