Doorbell WiFi

I have the Ring WiFi Extender. Aparrently the other extender that we use, somehow needs to be adjusted because it is interferring with the Ring device. Alert very much lags behin event and audio very choppy. Can anyone help me with instructions to adjust???

Hi @601club! When using a Ring Chime Pro, it’s best to position this half way between the router and your Ring device. This helps with signal from the router, as well as the simultaneous delivery of notifications to the chime and your mobile device(s).

While a properly linked and connected Chime Pro should always act as the primary source of network resources for your Ring device, if you have an existing wifi extender it would be best to move this further from that area to avoid it’s interference or network confusion. Keep in mind, both your Doorbell and Chime Pro has a device health section in the Ring app where you can confirm your signal strength (RSSI). I hope this helps! :slight_smile: