Doorbell Wifi Persistent Disconnection


I’ve recently started having issues with wifi connection on my ring video doorbell.
Backstory: we moved from a 1 story home with single wifi router to a 2 story home with a mesh network. We used the ring doorbell at the 1 story home for years without issue. Since moving to the new home, it will not stay connected to the network.

I have assigned a static IP. It is hard wired, but battery drains quickly because it is constantly searching for a signal. I have reset the network a few times. I also removed the doorbell from my account and added it back this morning but the doorbell disconnected once again within an hour.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Hi there, @FloridaPE! It sounds like the biggest change has been the area to cover and the wifi network being used. Great call on adjusting settings and prioritizing your Ring device connection on your network. The best next step will be to fine tune this signal deliver. A mesh network will often have multiple access points, in which the strategic placement of these nodes will help for connection. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal strength further. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a ring doorbell 3. There is a problem that I notices. Show not connected in the app but the device really is connected and recording to the cloud for video. The app shows it is not and live feed is not available. This started this morning. Doorbell is the only device not working. It is also very close to router. My wifi is working perfectly for all other devices