Doorbell Video Dark

can anyone enlighten me as to why my doorbell Pro will capture a nightime video in color (where the surroundings are visible) then 30 minutes later capture a video shrouded in complete darkness where little is visible? this is VERY annoying. any help us appreciated

Hi @Orangecat. Thank you for providing those screenshots. It looks like in the color picture, there is still a good deal of ambient light out. This is why the your Ring Pro recorded in color. The second picture looks to have a lot less ambient light, which has caused the Night Vision to activate. Also, a good portion of the Infrared Lights are shining on the wall to the right, which might be reflecting back in the the lens and causing a dark image. I would try to install a Corner Kit to see if this could angle the Ring Pro away from the wall and give it a better overall night time image. I hope this helps!