Doorbell turning off

so I have a ring pro doorbell and every time someone rings it makes the sound outside but turns off and does not ring inside i have a 24 volt transformer with 40va but it still turns off, this only happens in the afternoon when its hot and in direct sunlight and i have the power kit installed. any advise?

Hi @joah. What is the make and model of your chime kit? You’ll want to ensure it is compatible with the Doorbell Pro, which you can check on our compatibility list in our Help Center Article here. Once you’ve checked that, you can double-check the Help Center Article here to make sure the Pro Power Kit is properly installed as well.

I have a Dimango door bell I i think its like 20 years old i dont know the model

Hey there, @joah! When dealing with an older chime kit during installation, it’s worth also checking the age of the transformer. While the power rating sounds sufficient, the transformer may not be able to power at full capacity if it is too old. As mentioned above, there is a good chance that your chime kit is not compatible if you are not seeing it on the compatibility list. When this is the case, it is best to bypass your chime kit, using the Pro Power Kit, as show in this help center article.. This will improve power to your device, and eliminate the potentially incompatible chime kit from interfering. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: