Doorbell transmits all inside sounds when motion is detected

Hi all,
So my husband can hear me speaking inside when he is relaxing on the porch by the RING bell without me doing anything.

Another instance, a person knocked on the door. He stated he could heard a woman talking inside. I had not opened the app or done anything to respond to this person.

Very creepy situation.
How can I prevent this, and only have my intended speech be broadcast through the bell.


Hi @Jvprn. I’d like to ask a few questions, just for clarity. Are you saying that your voice/noise is constantly playing through the Doorbell speaker, even when Live View is not active on any device? Or are you referring to recorded events, and being able to hear what is happening on a recorded event? The only time the speaker/microphone is active on the Ring Doorbell is during an event such as Live View, Motion recording or Doorbell Ring.

We do have a feature for your privacy, where you can disable audio recording. You can learn more about this feature here. If possible, try to upload a video of one of these incidents so I can share this with the appropriate team.