Doorbell transformer compatible with Ring doorbell 2


Before hooking it up I wanted to make sure the ring isn’t going to get fried.

I’m pretty sure the 8VA and 50Hz are fine but what gets me is the 1,0A. The manual mentions in the “Electrical Rating” that it’s 30mA max.

Picture of transformer included.

Thanks for helping a new ringer out.

Hi @Japje. Thank you for uploading a photo! The transformer you have does not look like it has enough VA to support the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation. As you can see in this diagram here, we recommend 30VA. We recommend a 16V, 30VA transformer to reliably operate you doorbell circuit. I hope this information helps.

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Hey Tom,
Thanks for the answer. I’ve hardwired it to the transformer and it seems to work. If I run into any power issues I’ll know what to replace it with and why.

Thanks again,

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Hey @Japje. Great to hear! Enjoy your doorbell! :smiley: