Doorbell theft policy


I have just received a gen 2 doorbell and chime. I ordered these from Amazon and had heard about the great policy that it would be replaced if it was stolen.

Whilst charging I read the instructions to find out this would not be covered on products purchased from online sellers on eBay. Would this also include Amazon?

If you are buying the same new product I would have thought the same guarantee would apply.


Ring is owned by Amazon. So you’re covered as per their statement.
It’s places like eBay and others that are 3rd party sellers.

Here’s their statement.
“This warranty, our theft protection, and community support services do not apply to any products purchased from third party sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces. We strongly suggest that you do not buy Ring products from any unauthorized sellers, as such products may be used, defective, counterfeit or may not be designed for use in your country. This warranty covers only Ring products and is not extended to other equipment, components, or devices that a customer uses in conjunction with our products”
Hope this helps.

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Well I never knew that, thank you.

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You’re very welcome. Amazon also owns Blink cameras as well.

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Thanks for letting me know