Doorbell taking a photo at night?

Since the last update I’ve noticed my ring seems to be lighting up at night every 10 minutes or so. I can see it light up on another security camera. Now my battery lasts hardly 3 weeks when I used to got almost 3 months. Has anyone found a solution for this? It drives me crazy because I have the other camera to see the road and my event feed is clogged up with these videos of a quick illumination from the Ring Doorbell 2. Plus I disklike having to charge so often now.

Hey @EricaVanV. Could you show us what this looks like on your other device? I would love to see what lighting up of the Doorbell that you are seeing on your other camera to know exactly why it’s turning on. In addition, do you have Snapshot Capture enabled?

Yes! I did! I bet that’s it. I’ll find out tonight, I shut it off. It was set to take a photo every 14 minutes so I bet this will resove it.

Here is a link the video from my other device in case you wanted to see what it looks like.

@EricaVanV You know, that definitely seems to be it. Since it is scheduled to take that snapshot that often, that means the IR filter is engaging to capture a Night Vision image. Therefore, that light you’re seeing it the IR filter coming on and engaging, which is why your Wyze camera thinks it’s something and records the video. Let me know how tonight goes! :slight_smile:

That was what was causing it! Thank you! Problem solved. Hopefully this makes my battery last as long as it used to.

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