Doorbell synced to security light ring

My security lighting ring is synced to my doorbell ring. When my motion detector is activated the doorbell ring starts recording also. I also wired in a transformer and resistor so there’s juice going to the the doorbell. The question I have is this: Why is the ring running low on juice? Shouldn’t it continually be at full charge? At present I have to remove it from the wall and plug it into the house current. Anybody got anything? Oh yeah, there is juice at the doorbell from the transformer. 9vac. Thanks.

Hey @lgoldstein. With the Smart Lighting system hooked up to your Ring Video Doorbell, about how many times per day is your Smart Lighting system detecting motion? Having the Doorbell hardwired does provide about a 10% trickle charge a day. Since the system is triggering your Doorbell to come on more often than normal, on top of the times it is already turning on when motion is detected, the Doorbell is rung, or the Live View is enabled, this can deplete the battery life much faster. You can learn more about why your Doorbell’s battery is depleting quickly in our Community Post here.