Doorbell suddenly missing motion and nothing has changed

My boyfriend takes a walk every morning at the same time, and the driveway Ring doorbell - it always picked him up, leaving and returning. The RSI has been the same for over a year From when we first got the doorbell and if I scroll through, I could see where I see him coming and going, but it’s not detecting. I have rebooted our router and our Netgear Orbi satellite, and there is no signal issue. It obviously is the doorbell, before I buy a protection plan I would like to see what rings response is. Our other Ring doorbell captures everything and that signal is weaker than the one in our driveway.

Proof but not detecting. It used to detect deee in the driveway in the middle of the night, not anymore

Very frustrating

Here’s our car, doesn’t make sense it doesn’t pick it up. It used to pick it up as we were backing out of the driveway. Very frustrating.

Hi @Khpickell121. Motion detection issues are usually resolved by adjusting the motion settings. I’d suggest reviewing your Motion Zones and the Motion Sensitivity. Battery powered Ring Doorbells also have the Motion Frequency option to consider. Please also keep in mind that a Ring Protect plan is required for access to video recording. Without a subscription, you can still access Live View and receive notifications.