Doorbell stopped workingg

Good afternoon. I had my doorbell for 3 days before it stopped working. Not a battery problem. It shows that it is trying to activate. It worked for 3 days so I don’t understand why it now needs activated and why it won’t activate when I push the button to activate. It shows it caught one motion detection this am but when I try to view it, it just loads forever and doesnt do anything. I’m stumped. What now?

Bring the device back into the same room as your router. How does it behave ?

Thank you so much Charles for the attempted help. Bringing my doorbell into the same room as my router, modem, and wifi extender did not make any difference at all. My doorbell still won’t reactivate even when very close to my router. Any other ideas are very welcome. Thanks again, I appreciate your help.

Ok - now take your extender and move it far far away. Reinitialize your doorbell (pressing the button) and start from scratch. Keep the extender out of the picture for the moment. How does the doorbell behave ?

I can only move my extender about 2 feet away from the router, so I can’t move it far away without disabling it. Unplug it and see if the doorbell works?

Yes - disable the extender. What is the SSID for the network band on the router and what is the SSID on the extender.

Edit : The intent of the extender is to ‘extend’ the signal. It should be feet to yards away from the router.