Doorbell stopped connecting

Couple of days ago the Doorbell 2 stopped connecting and no notification on the App. I notice, everytime Ring updates software either for Doorbell or for the App, things don’t go smooth. It is frustrating. How can you trust the service and device when it stops responding without any notice. On the App it show it is ‘online’ but there it does not show up when the bells button is pressed. Anyone experience similar problems.

Not a very reliable product for home security

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I am also having the same problem and when I click to go live I see nothing.

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I just reset the DB2 and changed the WiFi network. It seems to work. What I don’t like is that if this keeps happening and you happen to be away for few days, the product is of no use. Also, now that it updated software and Ring added some new features on the app, I see some useful feature that were active by default copule of releases ago are back again with this new release. When the bell is pressed or motion is sensed, it opens up the App on my mobile phone now by default. It wasn’t the case in the previous SW release.

Ring has to do much better job with their QA.

Same here with good WiFi-connection (Doorbell 3). Sometimes Live View is o.k., but in two of three situations I reveive “connecting to” and then … timeout.

Ring has massive problems with their doorbells, but don´t communicate this to the public. By default they only say: “You have to have a better WiFi, reset your device, …”.

But: My WiFi is good and I had reset my device several times.

I am a very disappointed user meanwhile.