Doorbell speaker constantly buzzes loudly

House was built 6 months ago. In the last month the doorbell speaker has started constantly buzzing. I opened a ticket with Lennar (home builder) and they said “this is normal with Ring doorbells.” Obviously that’s ridiculous. Something is clearly wrong somewhere and I want it fixed. A Google search returns thousands of hits with people having this same problem. Some say it’s a wiring issue, some blame Ring. What do I do? I’m about to disconnect the Ring doorbell permanently.

Hi there, @Jdezego! Your chime kit should not buzz loudly with the Doorbell. The best first step will be to check our Chime Kit Compatibility list. As this chime kit looks like a standard compatible mechanical model, and the Pro Power Kit looks to be installed properly, this should not be happening. The one variable that stands out to me is the wiring used. Check out our help center article for a visual on what wire gauge should be used when wiring the Pro. Thin, spliced, or Cat5 type wiring can be too thin or cause resistance in voltage.

Another option would be to bypass your internal chime kit, and use our Ring Chime. The Ring Chime was designed to a be a solution for sound in the home, especially if wiring or existing chime kits are causing concerns. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: