Doorbell solid white light

Doorbell has a solid white ring light. Doorbell is not hard wired and it is still on no matter how much battery it has. It’s been charging for hours shows a full charge but the light is still on. I have tried calling customer support many times but it just cuts me off. Also no helpful answers on the FAQs

Hi there, @Nankivell! A solid white light on the front of your battery-powered Video Doorbell is usually a sign of idle mode when hardwired. To emphasize, this should only occur when the Doorbell is hardwired. As you mentioned this Doorbell is not hardwired, try performing a reset by holding the Doorbell setup button for 20 seconds. Once reconnected, remove the charging cable and trigger an event on your Video Doorbell to see if this light turns off. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: