Doorbell Solar charging

It seems like starting back in October my ring 3 stop charging through my solar panels. I’ve tried new solar panels and even went through all “reset “ recommendations that ring has recommended.
This device has been solely operated through solar for 2 years! (Pretty neat).

Since then I’ve decided to completely replace my ring with a ring 4 and new ring Solar panel. It still won’t charge.

I can pull the battery out, reinstall it and get “ connected and able to charge for about 5 minutes. The it just stays “connected “.

Am I alone ? Is there a firmware issue?

Hi @sergiodsvs. In order to extend the lifetime of the lithium-ion battery in your Doorbell, your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will not begin charging your battery until its percentage drops below around 90%. You may see the solar device’s status as “Not Connected” in your Ring app when your battery is over a 90% charge, which is the expected behavior. It’s also worth noting that the Solar Charger or Solar Panel will provide a trickle charge to your Doorbell to prevent you from having to charge the battery as often. If the Solar Charger or Solar Panel is not receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day, or your Doorbell is detecting and recording a large number of events, you may see the battery discharge faster than it can be trickle charged.

You can find more information and troubleshooting steps in this Help Center article. If you’ve checked how many events your Doorbell is recording each day and ensured that the Solar Panels are receiving adequate direct sunlight but the battery is discharging quickly, our support team can further assist. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi Caitlyn,
If you would have fully read my comment you would have discovered that my ring would charge for minutes then quit. Also, the second clue is the word “October “ , unless you have a doorbell that stays above 90 percent power for two months im sure that my camera goes below 90 percent. Please don’t insult me by not reading my comment.