Doorbell Solar Chargers

I have two Ring 1 solar chargers that haven’t worked since I installed them. Tech support has been no help. Anyone else have this issue?


Hey @rascal1077. Could you give us more information on how you feel they are not working? Please let me know what is happening and I can look more into this concern for you. In this situation, it’s also good to know how many events you have and if it’s showing as the solar charger is registered as connected in the Device Health section.

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I have the same issue. I feel like I’ve been duped. I brought one for my ring doorbell in March and hasn’t worked since I installed it. In fact I noticed it appeared to drained the battery.


I purchased a solar charger for my Ring type 1 doorbell and installed it on May 8th. At the time my doorbell’s battery was at 87%. I was surprized to receive notification that my doorbell’s battery needed recharging on May 25. I fully charged it on the 25th, but despite being connected to the solar charger and receiving 3-4 hours of direct sunlight most days, my battery is already down to 57% charge. Before installing the charger I would normally go 3-4 months between charges. I have not changed any settings and there has been no siginficant increase in activity at my door. This charger seems to be adversly affecting my doorbell’s battery.


I installed a Ring Solar Charger on my Ring doorbell about a year ago. It is in full sunlight. When I go to Device Health on the App, it shows my battery level slowly decreasing, and the Solar Charger Status says “add a Ring Solar Device to extend battery life”. I did that. How do I get the app to know that, and why don’t I see the battery at 100%? Thank you.


I am having the same problem. It was a complete waste of money. I have multiple ring products including the Ring Doorbell SKU: 88RG403FC100. I recently purchased the solar mount for this device and it has never worked. It is a complete waste of money.


I have a similar problem. My Ring stick-up cam is connected to a Ring solar charging panel but in the app, the solar charging status doesn’t show up as connected.

I also have a Ring solar charging wall mount attached to my Ring 2 video doorbell, and the app doesn’t register that connection either.

Is there no longer a Ring customer service ticket center or customer service phone number?


None of the Ring solar charging devices that I purchased show up in the Ring app as registered.

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Hi neighbors! Battery levels and Solar Panel charging can have various factors to consider, and can vary by environment. I see many of you are accomplishing several hours of direct sunlight per day. This is great! As long as the panel is getting it’s needed sunlight, and the cable is securely connected to your Cam, you should see your battery benefiting from it.

Even if the Ring app is not detecting the Solar Status, you are still able to monitor battery life to see if the time between charges improves. Try also, removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Please keep in mind that too many events, poor wifi signal, and/ or cold weather can drain your battery quicker than the Solar Panel can charge it. It’s important to consider these things to optimize the Solar Panel charge, and then monitor battery levels to see if they improve. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What I don’t get is why my battery lasts longer WITHOUT the charger connected than with. Two weeks ago after having to recharge my solar-connected battery every two weeks, I recharged my ring to 100% and left the solar connector disconnected. Now, two weeks later, it’s still at 75%. I’ll repeat the test, recharging to 100% and connecting it to the charger, but I expect that in 2 weeks (if my experience holds true), it will need to be recharged again.

Here’s what I suspect is the problem. While it’s charging, it displays percentage with an LED circle lighting up around the button. That’s great for when you have it plugged into AC power, but when it’s connected to the charger, it actually uses more electricity to light that up than the solar cell is taking in. Perhaps a “it’s plugged into a solar charger” toggle in the app that turned that off would be all that’s necessary to solve the problem for some of us.

I know that’s non-trivial, but it would be helpful.

Above should read “when it’s connected to the SOLAR charger…”

Mine has never worked either. Furthermore it does not allow mounting of the latest Ring (V3) Doorbell

That is no help what so ever…
I have the same issue as all the others here… in direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day, front panel blinking like its charging, but battery level keeps decreasing. Faster with solar charger attached than when it isn’t!
In otherwords .Your solar charger is draining the devices battery!
What are you going to do to fix it?


I am having this exact same issue, as desribed by Rascal and Solo24.

I fully charged my doorbell two days ago, and it’s now at 87% WITH the charger connected. It is in full sunlight, and the blue circle light illuminates during the hours it is in full sun, but the doorbell still discharges like normal (if not faster) and I have to plug it in to fully charge it again just two weeks later.

Same issue. My solar panel charger doesn’t appear to charge it all. The Ring App has never shown the device is connected, either. Battery definitly drains faster while on this “charger”

my door bell solar charger doesn’t work either I have the same issue as rockmaster