Doorbell setup

Going through the setup procedure I can get as far as connecting to my wifi, I get a message saying connected but can proceed no further I keep getting the message go to wifi. When checking the status of my connection it says excellent, but I am stuck in this position tried going back to start over but the same thing happens ?. Any help please.

Hi there, @benr! There are a few wifi related steps during the setup process. For the first wifi settings step of connecting to the Ring setup network, this should bring you back to the Ring app or display a banner to return to the Ring app once you’ve selected the Ring setup network. Towards the end of the setup process is the wifi connection step of connecting to your home wifi network. Once you’ve selected your home wifi network and successfully connected, your Ring device will likely need to complete an update. Please ensure the Ring device is fully charged and nearby the router during setup, for best results. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: