Doorbell sensor obstructed by anti-theft door mount?

So I have one of those anti-theft mounts where you keep your doorbell in that black lockable box, but I’m concerned it’s obstructing the motion sensor of the doorbell because if Amazon leaves packages in a certain area off to the side, the motion alert will not trigger. It IS within the actual camera visibility it is simply that the sensor does not detect motion in that spot. The opening on the mount is sort of T-shaped which in my mind gives the sensor plenty of room to capture but it’s not doing so. I’ve tried moving the doorbell higher and lower and also installing the doorbell in the mount at sort of a tilt towards that problematic direction and it doesn’t seem to help, I have also increased motion sensitivity. I DID check the detection area in the settings to make sure the entire line of vision was highlighted and it is.

Just curious if anyone else has had this trouble with their anti-theft mounts and if they were able to fix it. I live in an apartment complex so cannot drill.

Hi @user43021. Is this an official Ring product or a 3rd party anti-theft device? You can also try taking the anti-theft cover off and testing where motion is detected. This will let you know if the anti-theft cover is affecting your motion detection.

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