Doorbell says every battery is low

So I’ve got a Ring2 running on just battery. It told me the battery needed to be charged so I pulled it out and charged, then reinstalled. Says battery is only at 3% even though the lights were green saying charged. I figured that battery was bad so I went and bought a new one, charged that for 24 hours and installed… The doorbell tells me this battery is only 16% even though it was charged all day and said Full. Anyone had this happen?

Did you wait 24 hours after re-installing a charged battery to check its charge level?
Reason being, the % shown in the app isn’t “live”. Waiting hours (best a day) will get you a more accurate reading.

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Hi @SolarEclipse. Another great way to prompt this is to press the Doorbell button. A button press initiates communication between the Doorbell and Ring servers. Thanks for the help here!