Doorbell rings whenever camera turns off

I just installed a video doorbell that is hard-wired to a physical doorbell. I admittedly still need to adjust motion sensitivity, but my concern is that each time it does sense motion and alerts (via the app) of motion… after about 15-20 seconds our physical doorbell rings, even though there is not actually anyone at the door. When it does this it will ring 2 or 3 or even 10 times in a row (half-rings, as though perhaps low voltage).

And then I discovered that it also happens (apparently) whenever the camera turns off. I think that’s why it happens about 20 seconds after motion detection. If I use the app to go to the live camera and then turn it off. It’s fine for as long as I watch the live video feed, but as soon as I disconnect (the hang up button in my app), the physical doorbell starts ringing!

For the time being, we’ve turned motion detection off from the app, though the doorbell still rings every 20 or 30 minutes or so. Does the camera also get activated by sound? More importantly, how can we avoid the doorbell ringing at all other than when someone actually presses the button?!

Hey @howards! This definitely should not be happening. When installing any of our Doorbell models and using your existing chime kit wiring, this should result in the standard use of your existing chime.

Keep in mind there are additional factors that vary by the Doorbell model. For instance, the Video Doorbell Pro requires the Pro Power Kit to be installed and the proper chime type selected in the app. Please also ensure your chime is on the Chime Compatibility list, otherwise, it may not function properly. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

It turned out I had an electronic bell that I had thought was a real one. The old setup didn’t have a diode, but adding one to the Ring setup did the trick. Thanks!