Doorbell rings old chime until battery installed

Have new video doorbell 3. Installed and wired in. Was getting successful old indoor chime with button press until I put the battery in. Now with battery in, app still says Ring is hardwired but no old chime on button press. Take the battery out and voila, its back!


Hi @predlsu. The battery definitely shouldn’t affect the chime from ringing, as the Doorbell 3 needs the battery installed to work properly, even when it is wired to an existing doorbell circuit. I’d recommend checking our Chime Kit Compatibility List to make sure the chime kit you have is compatible with the Doorbell 3. If it’s compatible, then you may want to perform a quick reset of the Doorbell. To reset it, you’ll want to hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After that’s complete, you’ll need to set the Doorbell back up in the Ring App by following the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know how that works for you! :slight_smile: