Doorbell ringing chime multiple times

Small nightmare with my Ring Video Doorbell – 2020 release.

Got it three months ago, and after first getting a bad unit replaced, worked fine except for draining the battery when I left for a week. Friends suggested wiring it to my physical doorbell so it would get a trickle charge. Sadly, my house’s doorbell was broken since 1972. But I hired an electrician who rewired it and set it up with a new set of longbell door chimes from Rejuvenation, with a 16 volt transformer.

Ring was able to work with the mechanical chimes as well as the Chime Pro I already owned and even better the trickle charge was charging the battery. Success! Except there was a weird bit where after finishing playing the “leave a message” message at the doorbell, Ring would have the hammer strike the right mechanical chime six times.

It then struck the mechanical chime six times at 4 AM Monday morning, waking me up. Called support and they basically told me to see if it did it again.

This morning, instead of going off at 4 AM, it went off precisely at 7 AM just as I was waking up. Six chimes again.

I called tech support and they had me play with the Ring app, restarting the connection to the mechanical chimes, which made it play 19 extra rings, then 25, then ring continuously for a half an hour.

Multiple support calls were escalated with me finally sending pictures of both the mechanical chime box and the back of my Ring so they could see how it was wired. Then I was told that my Ring was defective, and it would be replaced under warranty.

I disconnected the wires to the new physical doorbell, which I paid a lot for and a lot more for the installation and put the Ring back up to just work on battery power till the replacement arrives. Thankfully I have a Ring Chime Pro as well, so I still have a working doorbell, but this still leaves me with the same problem when I leave for a trip.

I don’t know if my Ring is actually defective or if that’s just the first thing to eliminate when debugging a problem like this.

Anyone experience anything similar?


After dealing with ring support and having them bump me up list several times, they declared my ring doorbell defective and said they would send me a new one. They sent me a ring chime instead, which is not what was having the problem. I’m going to have to try to straighten this out next week but I am really not impressed with the customer support.