Doorbell Ring Pro - MAC Address changes - Epigram Inc

Hello guys!

I had this problem for a few days. I called support today, but they have no idea what’s wrong with their devices and what I was talking about!

Something is wrong with my DoorBell Pro… Six days ago, my router said the device lost its connection to the WiFi network and stopped working. I noticed that it stated the correct MAC address 08:3A:88…, which matched the health information in the Ring app.

Recently, I’ve seen a new device on my network that I have never seen before in the last few days. The device was presented as manufactured by Epigram and had a new MAC address of 00:90:4c…

I went out of my way to find out what that was because I care about the sacurity of my network and was worried about it. Finally, I just blocked this device, and I noticed that my doorbell stopped working!

It’s very strange to me that the Ring app is still showing the old MAC address, and they (support) don’t know anything about the Epigram.

My best guess is that they updated the firmware on their devices, which caused the change. This may have confused a lot of people and caused problems on your network.

Just letting you know!