Doorbell ring constantly, reset, now can't reconnect

One of my ring doorbells started ringing every 3-4 minutes. The device health is fine. I found an artile online with steps to stop it.

First was to restart it, it kept ringing. Next was to remove/reset it. So I removed it from the app, then went to add it again and the app gets to where I’m supposed to allow it to connect to my wifi and it says it can’t find the device.

I thought maybe the app was having issues so I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app but it does the same thing.

I’ve only had it a little over a month. I have a total of 4 ring wired doorbells and this is the only one I’m having issues with. How can I get it to work the way it’s supposed to?

Hi @Kmalsteen. Great start on looking up the troubleshooting steps and getting started on those. For this part of the setup process, have you tried going to your wifi settings in your phone to see if you can connect to the Ring setup network? After that, you’d then go back to the Ring App and continue the setup process. Let me know if that works.