Doorbell recording question

is it normal that during a recording the video stops by itself and starts 3 minutes after? my doorbell does this all the time. an alert goes on the recording starts and suddenly stars and restarts minutes after. what is the point of paying for a service that should records continuously if is not working properly?

Hi @chiara07. To clarify, Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras do not record continuously. Subscribing to the optional Ring Protect Plan offers additional features, with video storage being one of them, but it does not provide continuous recording as Ring devices aren’t designed to function as a CCTV service.

You can set the Video Recording Length for your Doorbell to control up to how long it will record for when motion is detected. If you have a battery powered Doorbell, I’d also recommend adjusting the Motion Frequency setting, which controls how your Doorbell responds to repetitive patterns of motion. Longer Video Recording Lengths and the Frequent setting for Motion Frequency will impact the battery life of your Doorbell.