doorbell recording live views randomly

In my event history for my doorbell (not for other cams) I see it record a live view several times a day. Nobody is accessing the camera that I know of. Has anyone else experienced this? One thing to note. This doorbell existed when I bought the house. Is it possible the prior owner still has access to it? As if the doorbell is registered to more than one ring account?

Hi @dugshnay. The Doorbell can only have one owner at any time, so there’s no need to worry about someone else having ownership of the devices. Do you by any chance have a shared user for the Doorbell? You can see this under your Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Users. If you do not see any shared users under there, you may just be looking at motion events that you answered and then accessed the Live View after, by any chance?

The last idea I have of what it could be is that it could be the Snapshots that are being captured if you have this feature turned on. You can learn more about Snapshots in our Ring Help Center Article here.

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks so much for the reply. I didn’t access Live View specifically, but in looking through all collective events, I believe I’ve found a pattern.

This camera is linked to another stick up cam (named “Front”). Sometimes when Front detects motion, the Front Door will show “Linked Event - Motion” as I would expect.

However it seems that most times, this is now showing simply as “Live View” instead of a linked event. Times in which Front detected motion, Front Door will show “Live View” instead of “Linked Event”.

As an example, yesterday it flagged around 21 of these as “Live View”, and about 6 as “Linked Event”. But clearly in each case, it triggered with the Front stick up cam detected motion.

Perhaps this is some strange behavior introduced recently with the new “Modes” features?

@dugshnay Looks like you nailed it on the head with this! Based off of the description, it sounds like you have at some point set up the devices to be linked through our Linked Devices feature that we offer. You can turn this off if you would like, and you can do so under your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > One of your cameras that it’s linked to for the linked events > Linked Devices > and adjust your settings from there. Once you have adjusted your settings to turn it off from recording if another camera/doorbell detects motion, then you’ll be all set and won’t have this happen for the future!

Otherwise, if you would like for this feature to stay on, feel free to continue enjoying it, and you may continue to see more “random” videos like you have! In all, I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team, as the events should all be showing as linked events instead of Live View for you. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

I got 8 random live views, I have just one ring 3, tap camera preview for live updates is off and it’s not linked to anything. Any ideas why?

My only guess based on the behavior I’ve seen is that there’s just something buggy with the events and they’re not necessarily assigned the right type. Things haven’t changed for me. I still get some flagged as “live view” and others as “linked event” but they’re all the latter. For you without any linked cameras, perhaps you’re just getting “live view” labels where they should be “Motion” labels.

My Ring 2 doorbell is doing the exact same thing. I will have up to 3 live views on my ring doorbell per day. It is linked to another camera but normally get a linked event. I don’t think the doorbell cam is getting the linked vs. live view confused because the times do not sync up for the other camera that it is linked too. Very confusing and frustrating.

I have a ring doorbell 2 and a Floodlight cam. They are linked. Early hours of the morning it showed as live view, is there a bug in the system as neither myself or husband were awake. I can see there have been several reports of this being a linked event but would like this looked into. Thanks.

Hi @Leaann. This is most likely due to the devices being linked and one device is triggering the other. You should be able to see this in the History for the device. If you like a support team agent to look into this, feel free to reach out to our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.