Doorbell randomly ringing in the middle of the night

Mine is also doing a phantom ring middle of the night. 3:41 AM last night. Mine is a good ol style door bell. We get a soft ring two times in a row. Not a “ding dong”. No video or record of the event I can see on ring.

I’ve had ghost rings since it was installed by Best Buy on 1/2/24. So freaking annoying because it sends my dogs into a barking frenzy multiple times a day for no reason.

Best Buy sent a technician to ensure it was properly installed and Ring told me it was my house and to call an electrician. They also told me to “just disable the in-home” chime.

I genuinely thought it was just me until I came across threads upon threads of customers complaining about these phantom rings. Some people report they notice it more at night and during the colder months. But I live in NC and the weather is pretty mild. I haven’t noticed any rhyme or reason—day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold, 3am or 3pm, the phantom rings occur.

My regular, old doorbell NEVER used to ring for no reason. I have the Ring Wired Doorbell Pro installed and NOW the wiring in my house is faulty? Give me a break. Customers have been reporting these phantom rings for 4+ years. Clearly, this is a Ring problem they’re choosing to ignore.

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After mine has been hooked up for over about 2 hours it starts to buzz and then does a half chime and buzzes and half chimes and it keeps on going for hours until I disconnect the wires. I was on with tech support for over 50 minutes yesterday evening and we thought we figured it out and around midnight it started again. This is a brand new unit and its done this from the very beginning. It wakes up the whole household and gets the dogs riled up. I am on night 3 with very little sleep and it seems like no solution.

Hi @user79983. I have responded to your post here.

I am experiencing a recurring issue where my manual chime rings during health checks or system reboots. To mitigate this inconvenience, I kindly request an adjustment to the health check schedule or the implementation of an option to manually initiate these checks.

This is happening to us too. It had been 4-5 days since the last chime. I just tested by manually rebooting through the app and our doorbell chimed right on cue. It’s been in the middle of the night every other time.