Doorbell Pro2 - While motion detected, rings are ignored

We have a doorbell pro 2 since 2 months now and we experience a strange problem. If someone walks up to the door quickly and presses the button - all intended devices (mobile, chime pro and Alexa) notify us as intended. But if you park a car in front (or anything that takes longer than 5 seconds) and then rings our bell - only the mobile phones receive a notification. Chime pro and Alexa remain silent.

But honestly the biggest problem is Rings support - 3 times if stayed in touch via twitter, just to get a „case close please give us feedback“ message after a day, honestly their help before is nothing more than, please reset your device level.
Chat support tells me to phone ring - phone support tells me to use the chat.

Anyone here that can help or has an idea how to solve this issue. I give it one last try before I switch to another vendor - as this is pretty much the core function of a doorbell.


Hi @Bav_User. Your concern seems similar to what other neighbors have mentioned in this Community post where Chimes or Chime Pros will not ring at all or ring sometimes with the Doorbell. It is an issue that is being investigated and worked on to be resolved.