Doorbell Pro wifi connection issue


I recently purchased a Ring doorbell Pro from Costco and installed with no issues. I have had it installed for less than a week and the device keeps disconnecting from my home wifi from 7-9 hours during the day. During the evening/nite, the camera will reconnect and stay connected thru mid to late morning the next day.

My current device health states that;

-last network voltage: good

-last reported signal strength: RSSI -49

-firmware: up to date

Any suggestions on what to do? I do have a Ring wifi extender, and do not have it plugged in because the doorbell is straight across the room from the router.

Thanks for the assist.


Hey @KEB. Do you have a lot of people using the home wifi network during the day? For example, if you have any people that are working from home, or kids in the house that are using the wifi to stream videos or play games, this could be taking up the usage from the home wifi, and then not allowing the Doorbell to stay connected.

In addition, since the Doorbell Pro is connected to a chime kit that is connected to the transformer (or directly to the transformer), it may be something related to power. Do you have a high power usage during this time as well, that could affect the transformers power output?