Doorbell Pro - Video captured on clip freezes but continues capturing audio

Anyone experienced similar issues? Happens periodically that the recording will be triggered then freeze while audio keeps recording.

I had reset the router and factory defaulted the doorbell… RSSI is 39, voltage is good.

Sent a clip to support that shows the video playing and the time stamp stops but the video keeps going with the audio continuing…did another factory reset after that and it happened again.

I have a 1GB internet connection, so my upload speed is around 107Mbps. It’s a meshed router (2.4/5.0Ghz) and is pretty much line of site to the door.

In a Reddit thread, I had suggested it would be nice to enable a debug mode to try and capture more details and give the support guys something more than factory resets.

I’m thinking of mounting an extra wired camera in that area because I can’t rely on the doorbell camera capturing when I really need it to.