Doorbell Pro (v1) 5Ghz on Eero6 :(

My Ring Doorbell Pro will not stay connected to 5Ghz on my Eero6 network. I can watch from the Eero app that it is constantly reconnecting and indicates 5Ghz. I got it to reconnect once by restarting the entire network, where it connected to 2.4Ghz initially and worked for a few minutes. When it connected to 2.4Ghz it worked fine until it decided to switch to 5Ghz where it goes into a reconnect loop and also appears to never grab an IP. I tried reserving an IP and that didn’t help either.

I can’t tell if this is a Ring issue or an Eero issue, but it seems like the issue started shortly after Eero updated to 6.5.1-2. I wish there was a way to force a device to only use a certain band of wifi.

Hi @dggxf46. What is the RSSI for your Ring Pro? Although 5Ghz is a “stronger” connection, it doesn’t have the range that a 2.4Ghz network has. If this continues, it may be beneficial to move a Eero pod closer to your doorbell, or use a Chime Pro. I hope this helps.

The issue actually ended up being Eero related. Their support team had to reset channels on my eero system to defaults to get the doorbell back online. This is a feature that’s not exposed to customers to address on our own and support has to do it on the back end.