DoorBell Pro Unlike What Commercial Shows

Unlike what commercial shows, video coverage, 2-way talk voice quality and night vision of the Door Bell Pro is somewhat disappointing. I installed it 3 days ago. The view/video coverage of the camera is much narrower than what we see in the Door Bell Pro’s commercials, especially for the vertical views. The quality of the voice is somehow poor, so you can hardly understand the speech. The night vision is very poor as well. At night, even with my porch lights on, only you can see when someone is standing right in front of the camera. I installed a Floodlight Cam earlier this month and was expecting same picture and voice quality from doorbell but it is not even close to that.

Maybe if one installs the Doorbell on a large flat wall (the way commercials shows) it works as it is advertised. But considering real door conditions it is not fitting the purpose.

ring should improves the camera design enabling it to pivot vertically and/or horizontally, that can resolve the issue with coverage but voice and night vision has also be improved. By that time, I think I should return the doorbell and just install another camera.