Doorbell pro top half flashing light

I bought the ring doorbell pro back in July august 2020, but due to my house refurb I was only only able to install it last week. I had the transformer installed that came with the doorbell pro but when I connected the actual door bell I only get the the top half of the circle flashing blue. Reading various articles it suggested to leave the unit for a day or two, but I’m at a week now and there is no change. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi @LNDXB. I would try these steps to see if you can get your Ring Pro to respond. First, disconnect the Ring Pro from power for 10 minutes. During the time, push the Doorbell button over and over for about 3 minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, reconnect the Ring Pro to power. You should then start to see the blue light progressively move clockwise on the Ring Pro. Once the circle has completed, you can setup your Ring Pro.

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