doorbell pro ring issue and video quality at night

Recently installed doorbell pro and having below problem. It is wired to existing

doorbell (BROAN model 950W VOLTS 16).

  1. when press the button, sometimes the inside doorbell ring ok, but sometimes it doesn’t ring. Seems random. How to troubleshoot this?

  2. if I turn off the outside light at night, the video quality seems pretty bad to me. Attached is the screenshot I got. Is this normal. Is there anyway I can do to boost the quality of night vision?


Hi @henry8866, regarding the lighting concern at night, a Corner Kit for your Doorbell might help with that reflection you see on the brick by pointing it away from it. This might help the camera focus better on the external area.

Regarding the hardwiring, it is best to call out support and discuss this with them as each setup is unique and they could go through the steps with you.