Doorbell Pro... Offline. Offline. And, more Offline!

Two months after installation of my Doorbell Pro, it just so happens to “Go Offline” while I’m away for months 2000 miles away. There’s no way to get to it, and no way to get it back online.

It’s connected to my Chime Pro which is located about 6-8 ft away from the doorbell. That chime is located about 6-8 ft from my router. I really didn’t need to use the chime, but why not?! I also have 2 internal cameras connected to Chime Pro. They remain online.

RSSI health on the Doorbell Pro was 44.0, consistently, before it went offline. Using 2.4Ghz, router & modem gets rebooted (in proper order) and cleared 3x a week. All other devices are connected just fine to them, including all Ring cameras.

No brick wall serves as a barrier. Again, RSSI is 44.0. Chime Pro has RSSI at 41.0.

Doorbell Pro is hardwired to a transformer/power supply with a minimum reading of 16 VAC 30 VA. Pro Power Kit V2 is wired correctly. No loose wires. System in home is relatively new. It’s not an old system, just a few years old. No breakers are tripped.

I sent someone over to home to reset system. Tested. Came back on for 8 hours. Again, it’s not running.

Called tech support. They want me to test again. If it fails, I ‘might’ be able to get a replacement. Might??!

Nothing much more I can do but send someone down, AGAIN, to test system while tech is on phone. It’ll cost me more, now, to keep sending people over to the house to test, and test, and re-test, than the cost of original purchase price.

Considering this is a pervasive problem (from what I’ve seen in posts here and the tons of this type of problem noted on reviews on Amazon), I suspect even a replacement will fail, too, since they’re failing for others.

I’m guessing, like some say, there’s an inherent problem with the Doorbell Pro. I mean, two months in, and it fails… while I’m away when security is an issue. Come on! Couldn’t there be some way of resetting this thing from afar???

And, most of the feedback I’m seeing from Ring, thus far, is to have the buyer check their system, instead of fessing up that the item they designed may be failing. But WHY should so many be failing when all other elements are working correctly???

Ultimately, what was supposed to be something that was supposed to make me feel more secure has now created more insecurity than I want to endure.

Since I’ve tried everything, what else can I do?

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Sorry to hear about this experience, @RingRinger. It certainly sounds like our support team is moving in the right direction to help you obtain a solution. As you mentioned checking your network connection in-depth, let’s also check on power variables. Feel free to reference my Hardwiring Checklist for the Video Doorbell Pro for achieving optimal and dependable power.

For the best next steps, and as you’ve been working with our teams on this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Feel free to also check out our warranty page and Protect Plus Plan article for information on warranty coverage. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My doorbell keeps going offline. Nothing has changed ie password… wifi … nothing.
The last time it happened it took a day for it to go back online. There is no actual support or proper reasoning for this.
I’m regretting paying for a yearly subscription for something that isnt working


I had a problem with my doorbell pro dropping offline as well for hours on end , to the point where some days I have to reset it. In my case it turned out to be my transformer, even though it always said I had good voltage, I’m guessing the amperage would fluctuate and drop the doorbell offline. I replaced my transformer a few days ago and have not had an issue since.

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I’ve just realised that our doorbell pro has also gone offline … I only realised because I’m at home and the postman decided to leave a parcel in a safe place rather than getting me to open the door.

Why can’t Ring at least send an email when they spot a device has gone offline? That way, customers would see how (in)frequently this might be happening.

As with other users, no issues with battery, Wi-Fi or anything else so don’t know why it has gone offline.

We have been having this issue as well. It would seem that the pro would go offline anywhere between 11:30 pm and 3 am, daily! I thought it may had been our wiring, so I disconnected the transformer, pulled the wires, reinstalled everything and it worked…. Until midnight… once again, checked everything pulled the door connection off, repositioned the wires and it was good…until 1 am… see a trend here? The last time, I left it and it never came on until I “repositioned” the wires again. That’s what brings me here. These posts led me to the conclusion that the transformer is faulty, which relieves a lot of anxiety about my house being haunted and them f-Ing with me. We have had the Doorbell Pro for approximately 3 years, so I’m not really complaining, just trying to get my sanity in check!!
Thank you!