doorbell pro - not showing the transformer voltage under device health

Hi All,

I have installed my ring doorbell pro with a 16-24V transformer.
Everything is up and running, however, under the ring apps -> device health, its not displaying the transformer voltage and under the device health report, its saying the the power is undefined.

please advise how can i get this issue resolved, any help is appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi @Rendy. We did some digging and discovered that this feature is no longer in the app. Is there a specific purpose you use the voltage reading for? This information would be great for us to share with the team.

Hi Caitlyn,
Thank you for your reply.
I thought the showing transformer voltage is supposed to be displayed under the device health. As I did ask my friend to screen shot his ring doorbell device health, and it did show the transformer voltage under his device health.
And under the device health report, it’s also showing that the power level of my ring doorbell pro is undefined. I am wondering if this is the cause for not displaying the transformer voltage reading.
Attached two screen shots for your references.

Please advice, any help will be appreciated!

Thank you

@Rendy The transformer voltage reading for the Doorbell Pro is not displayed in the Ring App as it is a feature that is no longer available. Do you have a specific purpose that you’re wanting to use the voltage reading for? I would be happy to pass that information along to my team.

I have a reason: my Ring Doorbell Pro is suddenly losing its connection several times per day and ALL OF THE TROUBLESHOOTING DOCS REFERENCE THE DEVICE HEALTH->VOLTAGE feature.

If you’re going to drop features that are necessary for troubleshooting, can you please adjust the troubleshooting steps? And let your customers know that they should not spend over an hour trying to figure out why that feature is missing on their device?

(Also: why ever doesn’t my Ring account send me an alert when it sees that the doorbell–a key piece of my home security–has gone offline? I have to say, the overall lack of thoughtfulness on how customers use their devices is making me rethink my Ring installation, despite having made a considerable investment. I’m EXTREMELY unimpressed with Ring’s lack of focus on customer experience.)


Hey there, neighbors! The Ring app device health should certainly show you whether a resource is sufficient or not. For the Doorbell Pro, depending on mobile device type being used, the Device Health section should reflect a millivolts reading, as mentioned in this help center article.

To best confirm the power supplied from your transformer, we recommend checking the rating as labeled on the transformer, as this should reflect how much power is being delivered to your Video Doorbell Pro. Of course, this power can be impacted by wiring gauge, type, or length, and even the number of chime kits wired in or the age of the transformer used.

If your app is not reflecting a Device Health indication that your voltage is either sufficient or not, our support team can certainly take a closer look for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

My ring pro doesn’t always ring the mechanical chime. It does ring it, but very rarely - like once a day. I called the 24x7 support and they asked me to replace the transformer. We got the new transformer installed. It is rated at 16v 40va. I still have the same problem - mechanical chime rings once a day. I searched the blogs and saw this one referencing the Device Health, Voltage. But the Voltage section is not there on my iphone 10 and my husband’s iphone 8. Even deleted and reinstalled the ring app. The bottom line is that I want my mechanical chime to ring, but I can’t see the Voltage. The mechanical chime is Nutone LB14, and is on the supported chimes list.
Thanks for looking into this issue.

I agree with @mjbrauer. Every help article I have read has mentioned to check my voltage in the app, but its not there.

All I can see is hardwired, and the battery says 14%. I am losing battery on a hardwired connection, yet my ring has been plugged in for years with no issues or changes. The decision to remove the voltage from the device health section was not a good one. Now I have no idea how much voltage my doorbell is getting.

Same exact problem. “Device health” for video doorbell Pro doesn’t show voltage anymore. Every single troubleshooting advice article by Ring says to check the voltage on the “Device health” page. So frustrating.

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I agree. It disappeared after the latest update. It is a good troubleshooting tool.

Me too, Same exact problem with the voltage not showing; just noticing this today. I installed my Pro about with a 16-24V transformer two weeks ago on Jan 2nd. Also, my digital chime doorbell is not working anymore.

Hi - it seems this feature under Device Health → Power → Voltage is a critical feature for troubleshooting power issues with the Ring Pro. The Ring Pro even though it requires 16/24V power, still relies on a small battery(rechargeable) to operate. The voltage in this battery needs to be > 4000 mv and the only way to test/monitor this voltage level WAS through the app. This voltage fluctuates throughout the day and if it gets below 4000mv, the camera will miss recordings etc.This voltage reading disappeared in version 3.34 (Android).

Disabling a voltage reading in Device Health seems like a round-about way to force your customers to buy new gear and waste their time trying to troubleshoot their 16/24V transformer when there are known issues with this battery failing over time.

Ring/Amazon only offers customers a refurb. Pro to ‘fix’ this issue instead of fixing the design flaw. So was this readout removed to prevent customers from knowing if the battery was/ is going bad?

For reference - this is the battery that has been documented to fail over time:

Please restore this Voltage reading feature in the Ring app.

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May want to downgrade to version 3.33 - can find it via a handy Google search for the apk. Voltage readout still shows in 3.33

This is def an issue. I’m having power issues now and doorbell was totally off. Voltage should be letting us know if there is an issue with the device.

Same here. Voltage reeding also lets me see if power supply performance is degrating. What was the reason for removing this feature?? If data is available you should show it.

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Agreed, this feature should be restored. Ring team please provide an update.

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What a classic example of bad UX, taking something away that was actually useful for so many people. Between this and RSSI reading these were the first two things to indicate trouble in paradise. Also doesn’t taking away more information for less contrary to the very basic concept of security devices like the ring doorbell? Love the brand but slightly disappointed :woozy_face:

Im nearing the end of a one month free trial with ring. Nobody told me on a hardwired connection you still need to charge the battery. If I knew that I’d never have purchased. Down to 20 percent since fresh install with new transformer and new wiring. Doubt I’ll be keeping this and doubt I’ll be signing up for the monitoring service.

This is EXACTLY my reason also. Still a documented troubleshooting step.
And omg…why not email me when it goes offline. It was 3 days before I came to know it wasn’t working. Maybe it’s time to shift off Ring.

I had low voltage issues under device health with doorbell pro 2 . did all tech suggestions . replace transformer,wired direct to transformer,reinstalled device and app. Still got low reading even though I got 18v reading with multimeter. Last call with ring was told that there was enough power showing on their end for doorbell to function. There is an issue with app. Not sure if this related app low reading but had broken audio issues . After a month of back and forth it was time to send back. Ring needs to work on having app and doorbell work properly.