Doorbell Pro not recognizing me

Hello, I have not been receiving notifications on my Ring Doorbell Pro so I had logged out and then logged back in again and it now thinks I’m not the owner of my Ring Doorbell Pro. I really need this fixed as soon as possible. Please help.

Hi @CoraleeH. Have you ensured you have logged into the proper account? You will need to log out of whichever account you are currently signed into, and ensure you are in the proper email address and password for the Ring account the Doorbell was first set up under. In addition, it may be on another location, when you can verify by going into your Ring app > Main Menu > click on your Location above Dashboard > Select any other location there > Go back into the Main Menu > Devices > And see if your Doorbell is not on this other location! In the event you still cannot find the Doorbell, you will need to contact our support team here for a device ownership escalation. :slight_smile: