Doorbell Pro not recognising owner

Hi, I have a Ring door bell pro that has been set up to electricity. We had to discooect this from the power for awhile. When I go to set it back up via the app (app has since been updated since disconnection) I get all the way through set up until the doorbell tells me set up has been incomplete & on my phn there is a message saying I need to have the owner invite me. I am the owner. The only thing different I did was change the password as I forgot it. Now it doesnt recognise me. I have gone into my account & there is NO WAY I can add anybody as a shared user. I can add an email address but the share button is greayed out?

I cant contact Customer service due to this stupid Corona virus stuff. Can any one else help?? TIA

Hey @Jos. For any and all device ownership concerns, changes and escalations like this, you will need to be in direct line of contact with our support team. If you can, please follow this link here, where you can reach them via chat or via phone to make these changes. Otherwise, you will need to gain account back into the Ring account it was first set up on to have it removed and added to the new one.