Doorbell Pro not connecting live

So I’ve had this for at least a year with no problems. Within the past month or so I’ve been having issues getting the live view to work. It still alerts me to movement and when someone rings the bell, and it still records and i can view the recording, but when i try to go live it doesn’t load no matter where i am. Even at home. The device is probably around five feet from my router, 8 feet max, which is brand new (it wasn’t working even with the old router so it isn’t the change of router that did it). It says the device is healthy and the signal strong as far as i can tell. I do have a new phone but it did this on the old one, too. Phone and app are up to date. I also have the security cam set up in my bedroom with a chime pro - i can view that live when I’m home but not when i leave the house. Any ideas?!?

Hi @TK9NY, what is your RSSI for your device? This could give you a key indicator as to why the device is not connecting to the Live View sometimes. You can learn more about RSSI and device health here.