Doorbell Pro Motion Zones Issue

I posted this as a response to another thread, but wanted to make sure to get some responses.

I also posted about this problem previously, but am still having issues.

When we first set up the motion zones, we had it set to People Only and it picked us up backing of garage, but not pulling into driveway.

We had constant alerts just from car headlights at night. We tried various combinations of People Only, All Motion, redrawing the motion zones, etc., even set two different zones for driveway and the front door area, all to no avail. It either picks up every passing car, or nothing unless someone actually rings the bell.

We also have a Floodlight Cam for the back of our house. It is set to People Only, yet picks up the cat walking within the zone and this morning picked up the deer passing through. Yet, just now when I left the house, the Doorbell Pro did not pick me up backing out of the driveway or pulling in (it’s currently set to People Only because last night it went off more than 20 times in about 2 hours just from headlights or something else I couldn’t see).

This is not useful to us as is. I simply can’t imagine that our set up or environment is so different from everyone else. I’m very disappointed and am very close to asking for a refund and returning this device. What is the solution?

I’ve attached a screen shot of our current motion zones. It is currently set to People Only, but when it was set to All Motion, we had motion sensivity set to the lowest level and it still alerts on passing car headlights.

Doorbell Pro Screenshot.PNG.jpg

The headlights issue isn’t isolated to Ring devices, other manufacturers suffer from the same issue with headlights. You could try using angle wedges to try to alleviate the issue. It seems like yours is at a slight angle upwards.

i suffer from the same issue and set mine to People Only in the evenings. Not my preferred method but seems to be as close as I’m going to get to a solution. I might try using a thin piece of light window film to act as a filter to see what kind of effect it has.

I’ve just got a door bell pro which is my first Ring device, i’ve setup the zone that covers my front door & driveway but it’s like it’s working the opposite way ? i want to monitor motion in this area & not in the other area that doesn’t have a zone ? is this correct?

@Royrw Putting a zone for the motion zones means that the Pro will be looking for motion in that zone. This can be confusing, as I assume you have a red box around the zone you do not want motion at. Although, you can make up to three boxes, and if you make a third box, you’ll see it’s green. It’s simply just random colors we use, so no worries! Just delete that zone, and know that anything that is not in any of the motion zones you use (whether you use 1, 2 or 3) will not trigger the camera to record! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

No i have only 1 zone setup but i keep getting motion alerts from outside the zone which is confusing me, so i then inverted my zone & it got worse which led me to think i did have it setup correctly,.
Why am i getting motion alerts outside my zone ?

@Royrw Glad you’ve done some testing! If you can, could you create three smaller zones, that in total encompass the whole zone you would like to be covered. Then, when you have the three zones, test it from there to see how motion detection is. Normally making more than 1 zone will help out the motion detection. If this continues to happen, please attach a screenshot of what the three zones look like, as well as a video of what set off the Doorbell for false motion, according to you! This will help us take a deeper look into this.

I have a similar issue, My ring Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t pick up motion in people mode, even if I’m standing directly in front of it, but it picks up motion from cats and cars passing on the street, delivery people walking up to the door are not detected, when I disable people only mode people are detected but not consistantly, and when someone rings the doorbell live video of the event cannot be watched while the person is in front of the doorbell, I can only see it later after they’re gone. This was not always the case but whatever updates and changes Ring has made to the software has changed the way my device performs for the worse…I purchased angle mounts but this has not improved the performance of the motion detection. the doorbell I purchased for my mother does not have these issues and works much better although it is a lower model can these issues be resolved or will I need to change my doorbell?

We are going to need someone from Ring on here to resolve this as there must be a known issue with motion zones.

I have the same issues on both my recently installed Ring Doorbell Pro and my Ring Floodlight Cam.

I have a zone setup on both devices and yet it still responds to motions outside of a defined zone. That sureley should not happen no matter what the motion is.

I’ve played with People only mode and that certainly does not work well at all.

In people only mode my Doorbell Pro triggers on any small animal anywhere in the scene, even a car passing by. People Detection is flakey to say the least. When it does detect a person they are normally outside of the defined motion zone. Again, surely it should not respond when it identifies there is a person outside of a motion zone?

It seems no matter how the Ring Doorbell Pro (or Floodlight Cam) is configured often the PIRs alone make all the decisions when to trigger an alert and no video analytics whatsover takes place to qualify the trigger to limit false alarms (e.g. motion is outside of a zone or its not a person in a zone).

It’s also frustrating beyond belief that when the postman presses my Doorbell Pro and remains at the door for whatever reason I cannot get live video. The live video works without any problems whatsover the moment the postman gives up and walks away.

On the motion and people detection issues, I’ve also noticed on the Floodlight Cam that the Floodlight often comes on and no alert is ever reported, and also sometimes an alert is reported yet the Floodlight doesn’t come on! Thats seems very strange functionality and I have no idea what the problem could be there?

I can tell you that I spent nearly an hour on a chat with Ring when we discovered this problem, and got no where. It appeared the customer service rep was working from a script and simply kept trying to direct me to instructions on how to set up motion zones, rather than help resolve the issue. I clearly know how to set up the zones.

As I mentioned in the original post and follow-ups, the only way I can prevent the Doorbell Pro from alerting on passing car headlights at night is to enable People Only mode. If it’s raining, even that doesn’t always work. On People Only mode, it will not pick up a car pulling into my driveway, but it darn well picks up the cat passing through my yard.

So, I am forced to change the motion settings twice a day in order to get something close to full function on the Doorbell Pro. That’s certainly not what I expected from this system.

I don’t have to be concerned about headlights with our Floodlight Cam, but it, too, picks up a cat moving within the zone. That’s less troublesome but still confusing.