Doorbell Pro Lost connection and won't reconnect after hard reset

My Doorbell Pro suddenly disconnected yesterday. It worked fine for one day and then nothing.
I could not reconnect it.

I have tried:
Tapping the left button to enter setup mode (after:)
Hard Reset (30 second push of side button)

Power Reset

Resetting the router

Removing it from the app

All in combination

All I can get out of it is a pulsing white (ring shaped) light.

The side button does literally nothing when clicked once to enter setup mode.

I’ve read a huge amount of forum posts and articles online to find a solution but nothing works, and nobody from Ring is available to help!

Hey @MrBeardo. Are you receiving the appropriate amount of power to the device? If you are getting a slow white pulsing light, this means the device is trying to boot back up and is not getting the right amount of power. We have a Ring Help Center Article here that you can review to make sure you have the right levels of power coming through!