Doorbell pro live view des not work with Xiaomi 11T pro

Since I installed Ring on my Xiaomi 11T Pro I can no longer watch live view on the Doorbell pro. It works very well on my iPhone, on my Huawei mate 10 pro and on my PC but not on the Xiaomi. thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi @Arcnaute. Since the Live View for your Doorbell Pro is working properly on your other devices, it sounds like it is something with the Xiaomi 11T itself. Does this smart phone run on Android, and is the Ring App and the OS fully updated? Have you tried the Rapid Ring on there as well? We have some troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Help Center Article here that may be helpful also.

Hi Caitlyn
Xiaomi 11T pro is run ING on Android 11 who is the Last update. Ring app is fully update too. Rapid Ring runs properly but it is not possible to watch live view directly on this app. I can only have notification on mouvement. Thank you for help.

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@Arcnaute To clarify, you aren’t able to access the Live View in the Rapid Ring App? Do you get the same error or situation as you do on the Ring App with the Rapid Ring App, or is it different? You should be able to not only answer notifications but also enable a Live View from the Rapid Ring App as well.

@Caitlyn_Ring I am sorry I made a mistake. You are right, I can watch the live view on Rapid Ring app. The problem only occurs with Ring app.
I am french and I am sorry for my english who is very basic.

@Arcnaute No worries, thank you for the clarification. You can use the Rapid Ring App to access the Live View and answer notifications, but I would suggest contacting our support team regarding the Live View not working on the Ring App on your Xiaomi 11T Pro. Make sure to take screenshots of any specific errors you may encounter and feel free to reference this thread when you call them as well. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi There,

Is there already a solution for this issue?

I also have a Xiaomi 11T Pro and I have the exact same issue. I can not live view my devices on the Ring App itself, but I can on the Rapid Ring App.
Software is updated to the newest version and the Ring app is also updated.

I would like to hear from you!


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I have the same issue, i want a solutions so i have to use only one app. The liveview on 11T in og ring app isnt working

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Same issue here in Xiaomi Mix 4. Works on Rapid Ring but not on ring app. I go into live view and just a blur but can see on events that picture was fine when recorded live and played back perfectly on my timeline.

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I havet the same problem whit my xiaomi mi 11 lite. :tired_face:

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I have the same issue with a Xiaomi 11T pro. It works on the Mi 11 my wife is using.

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Bonjour, j’ai le même problème avec mon Xiaomi 11 lite, auriez vous une solution ?
De plus,je ne trouve pas la version de l’application light précisé france?

Hi All.

Not sure if people are still having problems but i had the same issue on my Mi 11 Lite but i think ive got a temp fix…

Not sure if its a xiaomi OS problem or Ring app problems but i reverted back from ring app v 3.46 to v 3.35.1 and i can view live on standard app now.

let me know how you get on.

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Working also great downgrading from last to 3.35 on my Mi 11 ultra.


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on mine working Live stream but no or only 2 sec. live sound, talk and the mute:
using redmi Note 10 5G, Miui 12.5.1 A ver. RPA1A 200720.011.

Sound and stream on recorded stream works perfect.
with other Mobiles like Huawei and Samsung no problem.

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Downgraded app to 3.35 on my Pixel 6 Pro, and Live View on my phone now works perfectly for the floodlight cam.

Anyone having weird video issues on your floodlight cam (Live View video freezes immediately or won’t initiate at all), do this:

  • Log on to and see if Live View works there. If it does, then downgrading your app might be the solution until they acknowledge and fix the problem
  • If it doesn’t work on the website, check your RSSI, internet, etc. (everything the support team will ask you to do when you call)
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Same issue here with Xiaomi 11T Pro 128GB and latest updates available.

I was going to send it back for refund, until I found this workaround, thanks.

I hope Ring will solve this annoying issue.

I talked with their support but they were not aware of this workaround, nor provider a valid solution (also if they were very kind).

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downgrading worked for me temporarily but now im back to the intial issue of no live view again

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Hi there, I’m a french user too, using VideoDoorbell 3 and I recently change my OnePlus 7 Pro by a Xiaomi 11T Pro and I have exactly the same issue, with my One Plus direct video worked fine and now it is impossible with my Xiaomi to have direct video. I have a monthly suscription, it would be a shame to change my ring doorbell by another brand. Please fix this issue quickly. Thank you in advance.
Edit : I installed version 3.35.1 and it works, I can have direct video.
It is a proof that the problem comes from Ring and not Xiaomi, so please fix it.
Thank you

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Hi, any update Please?

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