Doorbell Pro is going offline


I use a Ring Pro since a couple weeks. Suddenly it starts with disconnceting, it goes offline and is not connected to my wifi network anymore. My wifi network didn’t changed, all other devices still work as expected. When i follow the instructions in the Ring app, and put the device in install mode, my phone cannot connect to the ring pro, the wifi network send by the ring pro is not found, and i cannot find it from my phone wifi settings.

The first and second time it happened, it was suddenly connected after exiting the install mode. Now i just experienced this again, and it took some more effort, going into install mode, exiting a couple times didn’t work. Even disconnecting power and connecting, didn’t solved it. Just after then exiting the install mode again the Ring Pro started working again.

I have a Ring Pro new correct power supply (it was included with the Ring Pro at my country). The last voltage is reported as good.

I did a test at my front door and do have good connections, good enough for the Ring Pro. The RSSI is currently -60, but normally arround -58, this should be good.

I restarted my wifi accesspoints, just to be sure.

The only thing i did not try yet, is to fully reset the Ring Pro.

What could cause this behaviour, and more important, what could be done to fix this permantly?



Hey @Roland. Since your RSSI is at -58 to -60, it could be falling offline because it has a poor connection to your router. You can learn more about RSSI and device health here. After that, please reset your Ring Pro by holding the setup button for about 30 seconds. Let us know what you observe to happen to the Pro from there!