Doorbell Pro Has Strange LED Light Patterns at Night (See Pic)

The first and second nights didn’t have this light pattern displayed, BUT tonight the Light Pattern displayed has the round solid white light, along with 3 Red LED little lights at the bottom - - Nowhere on the website explains this specific light pattern for the Ring Video Doorbell PRO
This is quite strange since this Light Pattern didn’t happen on the first 2 nights, I also went on the APP and turned OFF the Color Night Vision, But this Light Pattern still stays On.
Ring Door Pro Strange Light Pattern

The red lights are likely your infrared lights coming on. I have other non-Ring brand security lights that have the same thing. Why they didn’t come on the first couple nights I couldn’t answer. I believe they do only turn on when the doorbell detects motion.

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Hi @ProFlex.Fitness. This Help Center article here has information on the Light Patterns for your Doorbell. A solid white light will indicate that your Doorbell is hardwired and receiving power. The red lights are the infrared lights that come on in low light settings. The Color Night Vision is a setting that enhances the colors during night time. This Help Center article here has information on Color Night Vision.

Awesome, Thanks for the reply, I figured that’s what it was :nerd_face:

BUT, At one point, I turned the color night vision feature OFF in the APP, but the 3 infrared LED’s at the bottom were still lit up at night, strange . . . . So, I decided to just keep it all ON to provide better quality night video :wink:

Hi @ProFlex.Fitness. Correct. The 3 red lights will always be on when the night vision is activated. Color night Vision is a feature in the Ring app that will help balance the colors. Having Color Night Vision turned on, or off, will not affect the red lights. :grinning: