Doorbell Pro flashing white

I just received a refurbished unit from Amazon. I’m installing it on my back door. I already have one on my front door so I know the installation process. My new doorbell is flashing a white light at the bottom RIGHT. Assuming there are 4 “light zones” mine are currently solid white at the top left and right, blinking lower right, and no light at the bottom left. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Hi @Travo79! When performing a new setup for a Video Doorbell Pro, it will usually need to collect power prior to being ready for setup. During this time, white lights may appear indicating that power is being received. As long as power is sufficient, the Pro should enter setup mode when the setup button is pressed and the LED indicators should match what is shown in the Ring app during setup steps. As it sounds like you’ve not entered setup mode yet, this is likely the powering up phase. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: