Doorbell Pro - field of view question

Hello, I currently do not own any Ring products. I am interested in adding a smart cam to the front door. I read mixed reviews about battery life of the Stick Cam Battery and setting up its motion detection zone. So I am looking at the more expensive Doorbell Pro because it will use the existing doorbells power. But as you can see from the attached pic, the white pilaster that is between the door and doorbell protudes about 2" out. So my concern is how much of the field of view will be cut off? My objectives are 1)to record anyone that comes to the front door, and 2) to see if there are any packages on the porch. I do not care about two way audio or spot/flood light for the front door. Any experience with this type of setup would greatly appreciated. Thank you. p.s. I understand that I may need to change out the transformer since the house was built in the late 70’s.